About Animalis

Animalis wants to understand the essence, the soul (anima) of animals.

Our passion is animal health. We believe that most often prevention is the key to healh: appropriate nutrition, hygiene, breeding and rearing conditions. Therefore, we are interested in everything related to nutrition, hygiene and health of domestic animals.

We want to help find modern ways of animal rearing and breeding to breeders, veterinarians, owners and everyone involved in the production of animal feed. We offer products that contribute to their success and satisfaction and to animal health and welfare.

Animalis, Ltd., represents world-renowned companies in the field of nutrition, hygiene and animal health.

Our team is in close contact with veterinarians, farmers and feed mills.

Animalis is authorized for dealing with dangerous chemicals and is approved as animal feed business with alfa number: α 705 07034.

Animalis is also approved as a veterinary medicines wholesaler with GDP certificate in Slovenia.

We are willing to discuss possible co-operation with companies involved in animal health, hygiene and nutrition.

About us
Feed Aditives


Feed mills play an important role in ensuring adequate animal nutrition, without which there are no good rearing production results.

Suitable feed has a decisive impact on animal health and on the economic results of rearing. Animalis wants to enable the feed mill industry in the region to use the latest feed additives, which enable it to produce quality feed at a competitive price.

We represent renowned companies that are committed to animal nutrition and that direct a large part of their activities to the development of feed additives.

In the field of feed mill industry we represent the following companies:

  • Huvepharma,
  • Christian Hansen,
  • Biochem,
  • Anpario,
  • Arm & Hammer in
  • Micron BioSystems.

Their products are primarily intended to improve health, especially health of the digestive tract and improve immunity of animals (coccidiostats, probiotics, prebiotics, phytobiotics, mycotoxin binders…), improve digestibility and feed utilization (enzymes, microminerals, betaine, organic acids…) and improvement and facilitation of technological processes in feed production (pellet binder, emulsifiers…).

Animalis pay's the most attention and activity to these three areas. From time to time and by agreement, we also perform various tests and analyses that provide nutritionists, veterinarians or farmers an insight into the existing state of animal husbandry or feed production.


In the field of veterinary medicines we represent the companies Livisto, Huvepharma and Karizoo.

Our guideline is close contact with customers, whom we visit daily, listen to and advise them on the use of products. Our clients are veterinary stations, hospitals and clinics dealing with farm and companian anmals.


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